As we enter the summer of 2011, the 1911 market is at anything but a stand-still, contrary to the financial market, which -all over the globe- is in a huge turmoil. We can safely say that the 1911 pistols world is growing and it is growing in a very interesting way.

First of all, this past quarter, we witnessed the addition of two new manufacturers. Ruger jumped on the bandwagon with their SR1911 pistol, which stirred the market, since it is a very nice pistol offered in a very interesting price. Then, we saw the birth of Cabot Guns, a new company that announced its entrance in the 1911 world, by defying every rule in the marketing handbooks. Their base GI-style 1911 has an MSRP of $4,000, while their more advanced models go higher than that. It's a very bold move for a new company to enter the market with prices competing with the high-end custom made pistols offered. Cabot Guns has already promised us a review pistol, so we will soon know if the price is justified or not.

At the same time, Ruger is hopefully going to come up with more 1911 models (probably at 2012 SHOT Show?). Given my love for the Commander-size pistols, I certainly hope that they'll come out with a 4.25" barreled gun. Not that I would be able to buy one, but I sure won't mind seeing another Commander in the market.

On another front, we have already received and published our review of the Colt/Umarex .22 LR pistol. We have also received a sample of the GSG .22 LR one, which we will soon publish here. We hope to review more of the .22 caliber pistols, since it seems as if every 1911 maker has one in their line. We await for the two RIA/Armscor versions with anxiety.

As the summer rolls upon us, and shooting takes a second place to having some R&R, we wish to all of you that you have some nice vacation. Take some rest and fill up your batteries. As for us, we'll be hard at work, trying to bring you more reviews and news from the 1911 world.

Have fun, stay healthy and watch your six.