The first quarter of this year has passed and like every year so far, it has been a quite fruitful one. Following our trip to the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, from where we reported to you all the latest news of the 1911 world, we brought to you some reviews of some very interesting pistols. Two of them were brand new (the Colt Rail Gun and the Desert Eagle 1911G) while the third one was the well-known but very highly esteemed Colt Combat Commander #O4691.

One thing that we noticed in Las Vegas, back in January, was the fact that the largest number of new 1911s were in a caliber, which you wouldn't exactly call "traditional" for the 1911 pistol. Never before in my life had I seen so many .22 LR 1911s under the same roof. It seemed as if everyone had come out with a .22 LR 1911. So, it was only natural that we start our second quarter with a review of one of those punny-caliber pistols. Stay tuned, we have more reviews planned in the future.

In more general terms, the 1911 market has been rocked by the arrival of a new vendor, namely Ruger. The company introduced a lovely 1911 pistol, which we'll be reviewing for you soon here, and it managed to stir the interest of all 1911 aficionados, with its very down-to-earth specs. We at M1911.ORG always get thrilled when a new manufacturer enters the 1911 game, it means more options for shooters and this is always a good thing.

So stay tuned folks, we'll soon have some very interesting things for you.