Here we are again, in the middle of the summer, bringing you the third issue of 2010.

Usually, summer is a time for vacations, so shooting activities take second priority for most people. However, our shooters, in other words our editors, do their best to bring you the latest news of the 1911 world.

So far, we have some very interesting 1911s lined-up for reviewing. The new Ithaca 1911 is already in our hands, so is the Dan Wesson Guardian, the Remington 1911R1 and a Nighthawk Custom 9mm Hi-Capacity pistol. A Wilson X-Tac is being build for us too. But that's not all.

The M1911.ORG E-zine team has decided to expand the scope of our E-zine. Towards that, we'll test some items which are not necessarily 1911s or related to the 1911 pistol. For this issue, we plan to bring you reviews of some firearms, which we believe will be of great interest to a lot of our readers, so stay tuned and keep coming back. Our editors have been hard at work on those items, so you can enjoy reading the reviews in this summer issue.

For the time being, we start this issue in a modest way, presenting you a collaborative review of the "Bob Marvel's Custom Oil". Go have a look at it.

We wish you a very happy summer.

Stay safe and watch your six.