With spring coming upon us, more and more readers will frequent the shooting ranges than sitting in front of their computer browsing the Internet. The ammo situation seems to improve, in the sense that it is becoming more and more easy to find ammo, either in the local stores or on-line and the prices seem to be going down again, after about 15 months of steady increase.

This can only be good news for the shooting community.

As far as M1911.ORG is concerned, we started this quarter with visits to a couple of the most significant, custom manufacturers, Wilson Combat and Nighthawk Custom. You will soon be able to read about all we saw in their factories and see some of the things our editors saw. So stay tuned. Those articles were made possible by the contribution of our new collaborating author, Stan Peters (who is known in our Forums Site as "Traxxis"), whom we thank for his efforts.

Our Forums Site is fast approaching the mark of 50,000 members, which means our community is growing rapidly with every passing day. In order to satisfy our readers, we'll soon be expanding the scope of our articles, to cover other territories, which we believe will be of interest to our readers.

This promises to be a very interesting quarter, for us and for our visitors.

So keep coming back and do recommend M1911.ORG to your friends.