A Tale Of Two Books?

A Look At The First Two Books Of Harwood Loomis, Our E-Zine Chief Editor

Reviewed for M1911.ORG by Spyros Georgilis

Writing is a funny business. Sometimes, it’s quite an annoying business, precisely because people needlessly try to make it funny. Some people have a talent in making this work. Others don’t – and it shows. And some people are witty when it’s appropriate, and serious and matter-of-fact when it’s necessary. Our e-zine editor falls squarely in this latter category.

Mr. Loomis needs no introduction to our regular e-zine readers. A neutral, pragmatic attitude towards a product is invaluable, for a review to be useful – and insightful commentary is necessary, for the review to be nice to read. And as we have all seen, Harwood has the ability to deliver that in spades. Oh yes, I’m biased. What can I say, his standard is quite hard to reach!

For some time now, Mr. Loomis has been working on a number of projects, as a new author. This article takes a look at his first two books. We strongly believe that our M1911.ORG audience will find them both of great interest.

The Frugal Yankee’s Guide To Personal Security

A few months ago, we posted in the forum about Harwood Loomis’ first published book. As we explained at the time, this is a departure from all the Ultimate-this and the Last-Word-In XYZ-that guides on personal security. It’s about what YOU can do, realistically, on a modest budget. It’s not really about guns. It’s about everything else: the simple steps we can all take in our lives, to keep ourselves and loved ones safe.

A lot of advice in “The Frugal Yankee’s Guide To Personal Security” will involve things you already do. Some won’t, and plenty will make you rethink and modify habits you thought little about for years. Our forum and e-zine readers are probably a wee-bit better at handling themselves than the average Starbucks goer, but hey – education never ends.

On the face of it, personal security seems like the topic where a no-compromise approach would make sense. And it does, if you are the sort of person that travels with a security detail. Whether we realize it or not, the rest of us make compromises, all the time. Identifying them and making appropriate choices, spending money where it matters, is the subject of this excellent book.

It’s amazing how many obvious things aren’t obvious, until someone suggests them. The book breaks down security concerns in multiple chapters. It even goes into on-line security, admittedly a moving target in all of our lives.

“The Frugal Yankee’s Guide To Personal Security” is available in e-book format on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and in print form again in Amazon and the other links below.


The Right To Keep And Bear Arms: A Collection of Historical Documents Relating to the Second Amendment

This is Mr. Loomis’ second book. It deals with something more fundamental, on a topic that many don’t know as well or as much, as they might think they do.

There are a lot of guides, reviews, personal “references” and other forms of commentary, on what a law means and how a court decision does or doesn’t affect it. Almost without fail, they all assume that the reader already possesses a certain amount of knowledge on the subject. Sometimes, they will refer readers to a law or court decision. Very often, they don’t – or if they do, they don’t actually offer a practical source for the reader to check out.

“The Right To Keep And Bear Arms: A Collection of Historical Documents Relating to the Second Amendment” is that resource. This book is a complete reference, without any commentary (other than a brief introduction to each document), about all the laws that affect the creation and development of The Second Amendment. Starting from Magna Carta, this is the ‘go-to’ guide for anything on the subject. This isn’t somebody’s opinion, featuring quotes from the Constitution, Bill of Rights and/or A-B-C Supreme Court decision. It contains ALL of the above, and way more.

How often do you get into a discussion with a friend, a relative or some guy at the range, about the 2nd Amendament? How often do you argue about whether a court decision definitively solved a long-standing question? This is the book you can both use (from either side of the argument) to determine what a law or court decision does or doesn’t say.

As Frank Ettin, another contributing author in the e-zine and a licensed Lawyer points out in the book’s forward, the United States is unique in having a Constitution and Bill of Rights that has lasted this long, generating a long line of follow-up laws and court decisions, indecipherable to the average individual.

We are all legally bound to know the laws that affect us. If the Second Amendment affects your life (and if you’re an e-zine reader, this is more than likely), “The Right To Keep And Bear Arms: A Collection of Historical Documents Relating to the Second Amendment” is worthy of a place in your collection.

The book is available from Amazon in paperback form (ebook version coming soon), and in both paperback and hardcover from Barnes and Noble.


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