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Article: 2010 SHOT Show

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    20th March 2009
    Athens, Greece, Earth

    2010 SHOT Show

    2010 SHOT Show, Las Vegas Nevada - Day 1

    M191.ORG has taken it upon itself to be the premier 1911-related web site, so part of our mission is to bring you the news about your favorite pistol, as they occur (do I watch too much TV lately?).

    With that in mind, yours truly traveled to US again, in order to attend the biggest show of the gun industry and bring you the latest news.

    So without further delay, here is what your very tired correspondent noticed in this year SHOT Show, which takes place in Las Vegas NV.

    1. STI

    Several new models in this Texan manufacturer booth.

    First of all, their "Twentieth Aniversary" pistol.

    The TiN (or Titanium Nitride) coating is gold in appearance but is far more durable and scratch resistant- so much so that TiN coating is most often used for coating machine tools to enhance performance and increase the life of the tool. The full length steel bar stock slide features custom serrations specific to this model, custom engravings, and is also TiN coated along with the magwell. The barrel is a 5.0 fully ramped and supported bull barrel and, along with the frame, is PVD coated. This firearm comes standard with an STI square hammer, patented STI trigger system, STI S-7 sear, and titanium strut for smooth, reliable function. The STI 20th Anniversary pistol features an STI adjustable rear sight and a Dawson fiber optic front sight. To enhance collectability, STI will only build 200 of these pistols and the serial numbers reflect this (1 of 200, 2 of 200, etc.) Available in 9x19, .38 Super, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.

    Then, their new GI model was shown.

    Here is their third version of the Ranger.

    This is their Shadow pistol.

    And this is their Eclipse.

    And here is their STI Elektra, which comes in two different versions. It should attract some ladies... given its blink-blink factor.

    2. ParaUSA

    The following new models were in ParaUSA booth.

    Here is the stainless steel version of their very successful GI pistol.

    And here is their ParaUSA GI Enhanced model, which differs from the standard GI by having a fitted beavertail grip safety and a fiber optic front sight.

    Finally, the GI Lasergrips pistol was also on display.

    There were of course various versions of the ParaUSA rifle, but yours tryly is not knowledgeable enough on this subject (rifles) to offer you even a small comment.

    3. Nighthawk Custom

    The Arkansas 1911 manufacturer had several new pistols to show. I do not know how many will appreciate the first one, but it was on display and I had to take a picture of it.

    I do not know why, but when I see it, it reminds me of Pamella.

    Their next surprise? Well, several hi-capacity models. Nightkawk is using the tried and proven STI 2011 frame for their hi-capa guns, and they offer at least three models of them.

    This one has fully adjustable rear sight.

    This one comes with a new Heinie adjustable rear sight.

    And of course, there is one with the standard Novak sights.

    And then, there was a very interesting gun, a double-chamber compensated T3 model.

    Here you can see some details from the front of the slide, which clearly show the twin chambers of the compensator, as well as the front sight which is installed on the barrel.

    Nighthawk had also several new holsters, made from both leather but also from some very exotic materials, like shark skin.

    Their booth was always packed with visitors, sometimes two rows deep, waiting to check out their guns.

    4. Colt

    The original M1911 manufacturer had the following new 1911s on display.

    Their blue version of their Rail Gun.

    An aluminum-alloy frame Defender.

    Colt also had a surprise for me, two double-action pistols. A Government model shown here:

    and a New Agent version. While I can understand the shorter model, I am not sure I can see the reason for a double-action 5" Government model.

    Colt also had on display another pistol, which I believe is an alloy frame Government model, but as I was talking with Richard Churchill about it, we were interrupted by Gen. Keys, so I didn't get the chance to ask for more details.

    I'll revisit Colt tomorrow, to further investigate this model as well as to get a better idea how their new double-action pistols work.

    Some general comments about the 2010 SHOT Show.

    The Show is massive!! I bet it is at least 20% larger than last year's one in Orlando FL. However, it is hosted in a new convention center, which is smaller than the Las Vegas Convention Center where it was hosted the previous times and this new center is -how to put it?- not very well suited for such an event. For example, the shuttle buses which bring the people from the various hotels had to go around the building (in heavy traffic) and go at an underground area, quite small to accomodate all those large vehicles which were coming in. Also, the various halls are scattered inside the center (which also is a hotel), Press representatives had to go up to the second floor to get their badges. Security control was nowhere as throrough and strict as in Orlando, where it was impossible for someone without a badge to pass in the Show area. Here the people responsible for checking were much more relaxed. In general, those un-necessary organizational problems caused fatigue to visitors.

    Well guys and gals, that was it for the first day. More news straight from the SHOT Show floor tomorrow evening.
    John Caradimas
    The M1911 Pistols Organization

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    20th March 2009
    Athens, Greece, Earth

    2010 SHOT Show - Day 2

    Some more new 1911s, as they were presented in the SHOT Show.

    1. Kimber

    Several new models from Kimber as well as several old models with new features. Here is what they had in their booth.

    This is the Kimber Ultra TLE II. Nice little pistol.

    Same model with lasergrips.

    This is the Stainless Pro TLE II.

    This is Kimber's version of the sight-less pistol, the Ultra RCP II.

    This is the Ultra CDP II with lasergrips.

    These pictures show you the special features of Kimber's new Super Carry Custom, a round-butt pistol in Government length.

    Whille this one is their Super Carry Pro....

    and this one is the Super Carry Ultra. Both these pistols have the same machining at the front strap and the cocking serrations area as the Super Carry Custom. The interesting thing with this "checkering" is that while it feels very grippy when you move your fingers over it, towards the rear, it feels very smooth, when you move your fingers towards the front.

    2. Dan Wesson

    Dan Wesson is consolidating its pistols line, while also increasing the quality of their pistol parts (most of their parts are now made of barstock steel). The following models were shown in their booth.

    This is their new Valor.

    While this one is its twin brother in stainless steel.

    This is their Commander-length Valor bobtail (real 4.25" one).

    And this is their Guardian pistol in 9mm Para with an alloy frame.

    3. Guncrafter Industries

    Our good friend Alex Zimmerman presented his "No-Name" pistol in the well-known .50GI caliber. The pistol is called No-Name, because it has no inscriptions on its slide. Alex seriously considers keeping that name for this particular model.

    Here is Alex's "Model 3" pistol in .50GI and true Commander length (4.25") and bobtailed grip.

    And here is his .45 ACP Commander-length pistol in a bobtailed version.

    Springfield Armory and Kahr had no new 1911 models to present for this year. Tomorrow, I'll bring you pictures of the latest models of the companies which I didn't visit today.
    John Caradimas
    The M1911 Pistols Organization

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    20th March 2009
    Athens, Greece, Earth

    2010 SHOT Show - Day3

    Here are some more new models from the 2010 SHOT Show.

    1. Coonan

    Coonan seems to be revived and is coming out with two new models, one in Government and one in Commander length.

    This is the 5" pistol, with a 7-round magazine in .357 Magnum.

    The Commander is using a 4" barrel and a 6 round magazine.

    Both pistols
    are using cast frames and slides, while the barrels and magazines are 410 stainless steel.

    2. More Colts

    As expected Colt presented two new guns in 9mm Para. The first is their New Agent and the second is the Defender.

    While in the Colt booth, I had the pleasure of chatting with Mr. Wiley Clapp, a legend in the firearms world. Mr. Clapp was sitting next to the display, in which the "Wiley Clapp Commander" was resting and he surprised me when I gave him my business card. He looked at it and said "That name sounds familiar... oh, M1911.ORG... are you the guy who owns that great web site with all the magnificent information about the 1911 pistol?". I have never felt so proud in my life.

    Here was a legend in the guns world, an old gentleman, who knew me and my sites?!?

    Mr. Clapp went on and explained to me the "secrets" behind the Wiley Clapp Commander pistol. Things which are not apparent to the casual viewer but which were important for him.

    The first thing is that the rear Novak sight has a slot width of .170". This, according to Mr. Clapp, allows a much faster sight alignment without sacrificing accuracy.

    Second the front sight is a gold bead one.

    Third, the grips used for this pistol are made so that their rear half (the area behind the imaginary line which connects the two screw holes) is thicker than the front half. This according to Mr. Clapp makes the grip of the pistol very user-friendly. These spacially made grips are smooth, but they have a checkered area at their front part, just where your fingertips will be, when grasping the pistol.

    Apart from the above, the pistol comes with rear and front, wide, angled cocking serrations (I didn't hide from Mr. Clapp that if I were asked I would omit the front ones), a solid, long black trigger, a round Commander hammer, and a thumb safety from the 1911 replica that Colt is selling (I also told Mr. Clapp that I prefer the tear-drop safety).

    Overall, I found the conversation with the old gentleman to be stimulating and amusing, Wiley Clapp is a great man. At the end of our short exchange, Mr. Clapp gave me his card, which he autographed with the words "Best wishes".

    3. Iver Johnson

    Another old name in the business was displaying the following 1911 pistols:

    This is their GI model (it looks as if every company is offering a GI these days).

    They also had a Government Deluxe model, shown below and called Eagle:

    And a "Eagle Polished" model.

    They also had two Commander-size pistols, the plain one called Trojan:

    And the Polished one, called Hawk:

    This concludes our series of reports from Las Vegas 2010 SHOT Show.

    You can use this thread in our Forums Site to discuss the 2010 SHOT Show.

    John Caradimas
    The M1911 Pistols Organization

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