Well, it's been a year from our previous issue, so first of all, we need to apologize for being out of schedule.

Too many issues have prevented us for bringing you the 1911 market news, the worst of all being a lack of editors, who can produce articles for our E-zine. We have repeatedly asked for new editors, in our Forums Site, but the results were not what we expected. In reality, we only have one editor at this time, and he can only come up with so many articles. So a big thank you is in order to our Harwood Loomis, for devoting his time to our efforts and being such a gentleman. The other two folks who can produce articles for the E-zine, live in Greece (that's me and Spyros), so we can not do any firearms reviews. Harwood has all the fun, as you understand.

On the other hand, what a year 2016 was!!!

And I am referring to the recent elections, for which we have a special article. It reflects the feelings of all of us in M1911.ORG. We all believe that the outcome was the most favorable one, for gun owners in US. So a big cheer for Mr. Trump and a wish that he will not let the American people down.

I'll now leave you free to browse the articles in our new issue.

Best regards to all.