Greetings and welcome to the latest issue of our E-zine.

We hope that you liked the new look of our entry page, it took us quite some time to design and implement it. What we wanted was to rejuvenate our E-zine, and make your visiting experience easier and pleasurable. With the new looks, you can immediately see what our latest issue contains. And when you click to get in the E-zine, you are taken directly to our latest issue, instead of our Library, which contains all our past volumes and issues. These are of course still available to you, by clicking the "All Volumes and Issues" button, near the top of every page. We certainly hope you like our new design. If you want to comment on our new design, please use this thread in our Forums Site to tell us your opinion:

Coming to other matters, we are facing a huge problem: we are greatly understaffed. We currently have only one writer doing all the firearms tests and this has a direct effect on the number of reviews we can bring you. We have already asked for people to step up and write for us, but the response was not very enthusiastic. So if you think that you can write in coherent English and you can take good pictures, like the ones shown in our articles, do contact us, we want to hear from you.

Regarding our latest issue, we picked up a few articles we thought you would be interested in. Again, do let us know what you think about the content of our latest issue, in the thread shown above.

In more general news, the market seems to be improving. Following the huge decline of sales we observed in the last couple of years, it appears that the market is heating up again. The Christmas season will be a good indication for all of us. One thing is for sure. If you are in the market for a good 1911, now is the time to shop. Either for those budget-minded among you, or for those who are not afraid to spend more for what they like, currently there is an abundance of 1911s you can choose from. So go ahead and buy your favorite pistol. And then tell us what you've got, our Forums Site is always open for you, to show us what you have and how you like it.

On the manufacturers' front, it appears that Remington will absorb the Para-USA pistols, except perhaps the double-column ones. All single-column pistols will now be offered as Remington pistols.

In the general political world, the latest terrorist attacks in France, brought along the matter of how citizens can protect themselves from such atrocities. Knowing European governments, I do not think that France will soon adopt something like the US 2nd Amendment.

I guess this is about it for this time. More to come soon!

Take care, shoot straight and watch your six.