The M1911.ORG team was present in the 2009 SHOT Show, from where we bring you the following pictures. This time we didn't had the time to come up with daily reports, so this is a collection of everything we say in Orlando in January.

Nighthawk Custom

Several new pistols were shown in NHC booth this year.

This is the first NHC pistol with an Aluminum alloy frame.

As you can see, it comes with a ramped barrel. All non-45 ACP pistols from Nighthawk will now have a ramped barrel, according to Larry.

The first "Longslide" pistol from NHC.

The first (and so far the only) stainless pistol from NHC, it's a T3 (I almost put it in my pocket, Larry and Mark had to drug it from my hands).

Don't ask my opinion about this. It is part of a package, with a "Tactical Rifle" you can see below.

And for those ultra-tacticals among you, here is a desert-camo pistol.

You can see a very unprofessional video that I shot in NHC booth here.


Here are some teasers from Kimber's new offerings.

Write or call Kimber for a catalog, some of them are alloy-frame pistols, some are steel framed ones.


The long awaited Delta Elite was on display.

As well as the first railed-frame pistol from Colt.

Also, a carry version of the Special Combat Government pistol.


Several new pistols from this Texas-based company. As always, Dave Skinner was an excellent host.

The Steel Master.

The Infinite.

The Perfect 10, of course in 10mm.

The Sentry.

Cylinder & Slide

If you haven't seen the review of Bill Laughridge's 1905 pistol, as it appeared in our E-zine, you'd better go and read it now. This is Bill's production model, and it is as custom a pistol as it can ever be.

Of course, for the purists, Bill can omit those Novak sights, which do not show very well on this pistol.


We only got the chance to snap some pictures from the Detonics booth, more info will follow in the next update.

Some more pictures from the SHOT Show

This is Guncrafters American. We'll hopefully have one for testing pretty soon.

This is the "Presentation Grade" Auto Ordnance 1911. The bluing job on this pistol was really amazing. You can even order it with this slide.

It can be engraved with your name on it.

Another picture of the Cylinder & Slide 1905 pistol.

And a lovely little Browning High Power, with shortened frame and slide, again by Bill Laughridge.

Bill's work is amazing!!!

This is to show you the extend to which some companies go, to make their booth different than anyone else's.

Just in case you love those things (Lena prefers them only in shoes- and bag-form) here are the occupants of a bar across our hotel.

And here is the M1911.ORG team, which brought you the latest news from the 2009 SHOTShow.