Hi folks,

With the summer behind us, it's time get back from the beaches and the vacations resorts and to start shooting again.

From what I read and hear, the anti-gunners are still fighting for more gun control laws, as if that will stop criminals from owing and using guns. Why is it so hard to understand that gun laws affect only law abiding citizens and not the criminals?!?! How hard is this to comprehend?

The gun market on the other hand is doing well. From what I learn, the two top semi-custom makers in US, Wilson Combat and Nighthawk Custom currently have a lead time of 24 months for new 1911 pistols. As amazing as that may be, it is still a good sign, people have learned to appreciate quality.

The SHOT Show is still two and a half months away, so no new models to announce, everyone is waiting for the Show to reveal their new pistols. So we'll patiently wait and see.

Have fun guys and gals, enjoy shooting those 1911s and watch your six!