The first quarter of 2013 is now behind us. With it, came some good news and some bad news for gun owners.*

First of all, the M1911.ORG family lost a member. Our dear friend and colleague, Steve Clark (or Rio Vista Slim, as he was known in our Forums Site), passed away on March 11th, 2013. Steve was one of the most active members of our sites, a reviewer for our E-zine, a great all-around guy and a very good friend. Steve, you will be sorely missed.

Coming to more down-to-earth issues, it is a great win for gun supporters that the Feinstein bill didn't make it into a law and that the bill for extended background checks also didn't become a law. It is, however, unfortunate that Connecticut, New York, Maryland and Montana law-makers [I would suggest not singling out Connecticut. Connecticut’s new laws are perhaps the most restrictive, but New York, Montana and Maryland also enacted tougher – and equally ineffective – new laws, and New Jersey is in the process of doing so] decided to take severe measures against the law abiding citizens of that state. It is quite evident that those law-makers have no idea about guns, they just tried to satisfy the parents of the Sandy Hooks massacre, an emotionally loaded issue. From what I hear, NJ is also in the process of doing the same. What those law makers fail to understand is that criminals do not obey laws, so no matter how stricter laws they vote for, they'll never manage to fight crime. These laws affect only law abiding citizens, not the outlaws.

Another very unfortunate incident was the bombing at the Boston Marathon. This incident proves that evil-doers do not need guns to commit their crimes, they have other tools at their disposal with which to perpetrate evil deeds. Some things to note about this incident:

  • The two brothers that planted the bombs which killed three people and wounded more than 180, are of Chechen origin and are /were Muslims.
  • The Boston police and the FBI showed amazing competence in identifying and capturing the two brothers.
  • The Boston people showed amazing unison, and cheered the police when the two brothers were arrested. However, these same people gave up their constitutional rights, by allowing police to enter their houses and search for the criminals. Strange, how some people are willing to give up their rights so easily.
  • No politician called for a ban of high capacity pressure cookers, following the Boston Marathon bombing. What are they thinking?!?!

We sincerely hope that the administration will understand that guns are not the issue, public safety is the issue here.

As for us, we have planned some great things for you this quarter, so please stay tuned. You won't be disappointed.