The second quarter of 2009 passed and the turmoil in the guns industry continues. Gun owners, afraid of what the future will bring to them, are rushing out and buy guns, ammo and other firearms-related things, like never before.

Ammo is still very scarce. Stores can't keep ammo on their shelves for long, the orders arrive and are gone in less than a day or two. This situation has affected M1911.ORG too, since it is next to impossible to find ammo for doing our reviews. Armscor, Sellier & Bellot and other companies which in the past had supplied us with ammo for our tests just do not have ammo to spare, everything is pre-ordered and of course, shipped to the customers as soon as it arrives in their warehouses. We certainly hope that this situation will change soon, or else, we won't be able to bring to you gun reviews, you can't test a gun without ammo.

We had some unexpected problems with our review of the Bill Wilson Carry Pistol, our reviewer had some problems which forced him to withdraw from that endeavor. The pistol is now in the hands of another editor who will bring you the review, as soon as possible.

And in the next weeks, we'll also bring you a review of a very rare (one of a kind, so far) pistol.

Stay tuned folks and enjoy shooting and the summer.