Wilson Combat Starlight folder

by John Caradimas

Some time ago, the good folks at Wilson Combat senτ me one of their folders to try out. Due to many different personal issues, I kept postponing the review, until now. So let's see what this knife is all about.

Starlight, as you Wilson fans will know, is the name of some grips that Wilson produces for their lovely 1911 pistols. The Starlight folder is sculptured using the same pattern as the Starlight grips.

See the similarities? The knife even comes with a Wilson Combat medallion on its G-10 frame.

Now that we've cleared the nomenclature issue, let's see what this knife is all about. First of all, the knife is designed by master knife maker Allen Elishewitz and produced by none other than the well known grips maker, Hogue. These companies contribution is obvious on the box that the knife came in.

Opening the box, revealed the knife, wrapped in a piece of foam.

The knife features a 3.5" drop point blade, made of 154-CM stainless steel, cryogenically tempered and covered in something that looks very much like Wilson's ArmorTuff coating. The edge of the blade is honed to a polished, razor-like finish and the whole blade rides on a hardened, oversize stainless steel pivot for smooth operation.

The knife features a unique, button lock I've never seen in another knife, which according to Wilson "provides amazing security and smooth function under any field condition without sacrificing any speed of opening". Actually, the knife has a dual lock, the blade is locked by a transverse button, while the button is locked by a push-pull switch, operated by your thumb.

The knife is opened as usually, by your thumb pushing on the small stud found on the top part of the blade. As soon as the blade reaches its fully opened position, it is automatically locked in place by a transverse button, which pops in the locked position. You can use the knife in that condition, or if you want to be absolutely sure that the blade won't close on your fingers, you can slide the oval button shown above, behind the round locking button, to the front which locks the button in place, thus making the knife as secure as a vault.

Here you can see the longitudinal lock, which ... locks the lock button, in its off position.

And here you can see it locking the button, which locks the blade. There is no way in the world that this blade can fold on your fingers.

The knife is supplied with a very sturdy carry clip allowing tip-up carry, which is reversible for tip-down carry. It also features a recessed lanyard loop, in case you like to use some paracord to help you draw your knife.

Unfortunately, the clip is not reversible for lefties though.

As it came from the factory, the knife was razor sharp. I didn't use the knife enough to test how well it maintains its edge, but from the limited use I gave it, I didn't manage to reduce its cutting power.

A quick slice on the edge of the instructions leaflet showed a clean cut, the knife is very sharp!

The overall quality of the knife is very good, as it is expected from a Wilson Combat, Hogue and Elishewitz product. However, I find the price a little high, at $230, this is an expensive knife. Would I recommend it to other people?

Well, if you are interested in a very safe, very nicely made knife, showing Wilson's trademark grips pattern and medallion, and you are willing to pay the price, by all means, yes. This knife is for you. Mind you, there is also a 4" blade Starlight, for those who prefer a longer blade.

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