Happy New Year to all our visitors.

2013 promises to be a year like no other before it, at least since the time we started this site. And, unfortunately, it is going to be different for all the wrong reasons.

Following the Sandy Hooks massacre, where 26 people (including 20 children) were killed by a maniac, the Obama administration seems to be preparing a legislation package that is expected to severely hurt the 2nd Amendment right of the American citizens.

The simple fact that guns do not kill, but people do, isn't enough for some legislators to understand that guns are NOT to be blamed for the atrocity that happened in Connecticut. It's people who have to be blamed.

The simple fact that outlaws do not (by definition) live inside whatever legal framework is in effect, so any new laws will have zero effect on criminals, doesn't not stop those legislators from trying to deprive the American citizens of their rights.

The simple fact that cars kill more people (on a yearly basis) than guns do is not enough to make these legislators consider the fact that school safety is NOT a guns issue but a society issue, and has to be dealt as such. Unfortunately, those legislators obviously have other reasons for promoting their anti-gun laws. As it is widely known, the issue of gun control is NOT about guns, but about control. Control of the people. An unarmed people is easier to control than an armed one. The same thing happened in Hitler's Germany in 1930.

Under this unfortunate condition, the new year is going to be a very tough year for the American gun owners. M1911.ORG is standing by the law-abiding gun owners and we'll continue to update you on the happenings in the United States, as they unfold in the next months. One thing is for sure: American gun owners have to react, and they have to react en-masse, if they want to keep their 2nd Amendment rights.

As it happens the last few years, I am also preparing to attend this year's SHOT Show, from where I'll report back about everything new I see. Of course, I'll also focus on the industry's opinion about the new developments that occur, with every passing day, on the legislation front and how the industry is preparing to fight those gun-grabbing attempts.

Our first article for this year, is an article related to the gun violence issue. Please read it.

I would like to close this short message, with my best wishes for a very Happy New Year, full of health, happiness and success.