The spring is coming again, so I am sure most of you will be out shooting, rather than reading articles on an electronic magazine. Still, our mission to bring you all the latest news on the 1911 pistol (and the shooting industry in general) continues, so we'll continue to bring you new reviews about things we believe are of interest to our readers.

One thing that should be noticed is that the firearms industry is on an "buying" mode again. With the upcoming elections in US, shooters are afraid of what a re-election of President Obama can bring, as far as gun laws are concerned, so they buy firearms now, just in case something changes to the worst in a few months. Every manufacturer I talk with says the same. People are buying. Which of course is good news for the manufacturers and the industry in general.

During the previous quarter we also saw the very interesting purchase of Para-USA by Freedom Group Inc. So far, we haven't seen what this change of ownership means for the ex-Canadian brand. We hope that it will be a positive change and that we'll continue to see new and interesting models coming from Para-USA. Of course Freedom Group Inc. also owns Remington, which is also producing 1911s, so it remains to be seen if the acquisition of Para-USA will introduce some changes in Remington product line.

As we enter spring-time, we'll start this quarter with a non-1911 review. Our editor, Harwood Loomis has prepared a very nice review of two low-budget firearms, which will be published here soon. Something tells me that Harwood has more to come for budget-limited shooters, but you will need to come back for more, to see what he has up his sleeve.

I guess that concludes by introduction of our new issue.

Keep your powder dry, be safe and shoot a lot.