Happy New Year to all our readers!

Another year has passed and we here at M1911.ORG are quite proud of what we accomplished. Eight new 1911 reviews, one visit to the factory of a new 1911 manufacturer, one visit to Gunsite, and several other articles were brought to you by this team, not to mention our extensive coverage of the 2011 SHOT Show, which for the first time was done by two editors and a photographer.

As the new year starts, we are ready to bring you more 1911-related content. Your truly is ready to leave for Las Vegas, where the 2012 SHOT Show is held. I am planning to report back to you on a daily basis, on what I see on the Show floor. I can tell you already that there will be some very interesting pistols shown there, starting from an alloy-frame Officers size pistol made in PI, to a stainless steel beauty from one of the new manufacturers that joined the 1911 bandwagon last year. But I won't say more, start visiting this site from next Monday (January 16th, 2012) and you will see every new pistol that will be in the SHOT Show.

In reference to our reviews, we have already in our hands a few pistols that we'll review and introduce to you in the next months, and we plan to add more right after the SHOT Show.

In this column, last year, we mentioned the shooting of USA Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson AZ. In an amazing show of human strength, Rep. Giffords, not only survived a very severe head shot wound, but it is recovering quickly and was able to participate in the various ceremonies which took place in Tucson, in memory of the victims of that tragic day. Our best wishes to Rep. Giffords.

Finally, as we move along in 2012, it is impossible not to reference the world financial situation. We heard some good news, for the first time in a couple of years about the US economy. Let's just hope that the improvements will continue and our old Europe will also manage to exit the recession and move along to happier days.

Let me close this, by wishing to each and every one of our readers a very healthy and prosperous 2012. Stay safe, watch your six and keep your powder dry!