The first three months of 2009 passed under the new administration and the gun world is still in a turmoil. The first signs of what the new administration plans are, has been made clear by Attorney General Eric Holder, who said that the Obama administration plans to reinstitute the assault weapon ban, which expired in 2004. Also, Congressman Eliot Engel, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, wrote a letter signed by 53 members of Congress urging president Obama to "return to enforcement of the law banning imports of assault weapons, which was previously enforced under presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton." The firearms he denigrates with the Brady-inspired "assault" word are single-shot-at-a-time rifles like any normal household firearm, but they are made in countries like Romania and Bulgaria, so their prices when they reach US is quite cheap. So what the nice Congressman is suggesting, is to ban the import of cheap firearms. This certainly make a lot of sense during a recession period, like the one we are going through right now.

The shooting/gun-owing public is still worried about the new administration intentions, so people are buying now everything they can. Ammo is always in short supply. Shops which usually were well-stocked are now usually left with empty shelves. Everyone is stocking up, afraid of what will happen in the future.

On the M1911 front, we are preparing to bring you the Para Ordnance GI Expert review, while we also await for the Bill Wilson Carry Pistol, from Wilson Combat. At the same time, we received word from Dan Coonan, that they are planning to re-introduce the .357 Magnum pistol around August, while Kevin Siddle of the new Detonics has informed us that they have completely redesigned the manufacturing process for their new pistols, and they expect to have the first samples soon. We'll hopefully have reviews of these guns as soon as they are available.

With spring coming soon, I am sure you guys will be out shooting more than reading the Internet, but do not forget, if you want to learn all the news about the M1911 pistol, there is only one place to go:

Happy shooting!