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SHOT Show 2007 - January 12th

by John Caradimas (John, )

The second day of the 2007 SHOT Show came and went. The general opinion is that this year must be one of the poorer years as far as attendance is concerned. It looks as if Orlando was not a good selection for the SHOT Show, or at least that is what I am hearing from the various exhibitors, when I eavesdrop during their discussions. Equipped with a pair of very soft shoes, I started visiting the 1911 makers I haven't visited yersterday. Here are the new things I found.

  • Wilson Combat

    The good folks at Wilson Combat had a few new models for 2007. Here they are:

    This is the CQB Tactical LE model.

    This is the CQB Elite.

  • Ed Brown

    The only new model in Ed Brown's boot, what the Sheriff Jim Wilson pistol.

  • Jim Gartwaite

    In Jim's booth, the following little baby was displayed.

    It consists of an Officers size frame, matted to a real Commander length slide (4.25") in 9mm Para. The interesting thing with this pistol is that it is sold together with a barrel in 9x23 together with a guide rod and spring assembly. So potential buyers can practice and familiarize themselves with the little toy with cheap ammo, while they can switch to the more potent caliber for difficult social situations.

  • Gemini Customs

    The following pistol was shown in Gemini Customs booth.

    Fine metal work!

  • Cylinder and Slide

    If I was to elect the "Queen of the Show", I would have to assign that title to Bill Laughridge's Pocket Pistol. See the pictures below.

    The pistol at the top left, is a real 1903 Pocket Pistol, while the lower one is a 1911A1 converted to a Pocket pistol. No matter how hard you look for, it is impossible to find where Bill had done his magic on the slide. Please notice the ... two-tone magazine. Needless to say that the price of the pistol is significant!

    This is another one of Bill's creations.

  • STI

    Several new models were shown in STI's booth. This was the first that draw my attention.

    The Escort is a very lovely little pistol, with an Officers frame matted to a 3" slide.

    The next one is the Guardian, a 4" Commander size pistol.

    This one is the Sentinel.

    And of course the Spartan.

  • Para Ordnance

    Several new models in Para's booth.

    The Companion 9 is a 3.5" pistol, based on a 7/8th alloy frame, in LDA form. In 9 mm Para of course.

    This is the Carry 9C, which has again an alloy 7/8th frame, in LDA form, matted to a 3" slide, and weighting only 23 oz.

    This is the Tac-Five, a 9mm full size pistol with a high capacity LDA frame and a tapered barrel.

    This little one is a steel P10 frame, single action pistol, with a 3" slide and an integral light rail.

    This is the NiteTac an LDA P14-45, painted in Coyote Brown. The lanyard loop is standard on this model.

    Same pistol but in single-stack configuration. This completes our report for the 12th, we'll be back to you with more M1911 news tomorrow night.

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    Special thanks

    The following companies have contributed greatly in making our presence in the 2007 SHOT Show a reality, so I thank them all.

    Nighthawk Custom
    1306 W. Trimble
    Berryville, Arkansas 72616

    Phone: 877.268.4867

    Web site:

    Para-Ordnance Manufacturing. Inc.
    980 Tapscott Road
    Toronto, ON
    Canada, M1X 1C3

    Phone: (416) 297-7855
    Fax: (416) 297-1289

    Web site:
    http://www.paraord.com Rock Island Armory
    150 N. Smartway
    Pahrump, Nevada 89060

    Phone: 775-537-1444
    Fax: 775-537-1446

    Web Site:
    http://www.advancedtactical.com Wilson Combat® & Scattergun Technologies™
    2234 CR 719
    Berryville, AR 72616

    Phone: 1-800-955-4856
    Fax: 1-870-545-3310

    Web site:

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