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SHOT Show 2007 - January 11th

by John Caradimas (John, )

Today it was the first day the 2007 SHOT Show opened its gates for visitors. Here, we present you the latest news from the M1911 world, as they were shown by the M1911 manufacturers.

  • Colt

    Colt had one new model for 2007, called the "Colt Concealed Carry".

    It is an Officers size pistol, of 7+1 capacity, featuring an aluminum, anodized frame, with a blue steel slide, with the following interesting features:

    - No sights, instead there is a longitudinal slot cut along the top of the slide, which the shooter can use to align the pistol with the target.
    - An old style thumb safety is used.
    - A Commander grip safety is used.
    - Serrations adorn the front strap.
    - The slide is slightly narrowed at its front, a la Browning Hi Power.
    - MSRP: 885$

  • Kimber

    As promised here are some pictures of the new Kimber models.

    This is the 3" Aegis pistol, in 9mm Para.

    This is the 5" Covert pistol, with the Kimber-logoed Lasergrips.

    This is the Kimber SuperAmerica.

  • Auto Ordnance

    This company was showing four different 1911 models.

    Their standard military pistol, is now available either with plastic or double-diamond wood grips, and it now features a Series 80 firing pin safety.

    This is their brand new stainless steel pistol, called 1911TC, again featuring a Series 80 firing pin safety.

    And this is their new aluminum frame pistol, again with the S80 mechanism.

  • Springfield

    The only new model for 2007 that Springfield had in its booth, is the Commander-size Lightweight MC Operator, shown below:

    It's similar to the Lightweight MC Operator we tested a couple of months ago, in this E-zine, only shorter by an inch. A Surefire X200 will fit under this light, without protruding forward of the slide.

  • Michiguns

    This pistol is made by Ned Christiansen, of Michiguns, a gunsmith associated with the "Louder thqan Words" forum. The pistol is called "Casino Special".

    What draw my attention, was the way the rear sight is installed on this pistol as well as the fabulous job done on the front strap.

  • Sigarms

    This is the new Sigarms Revolution Compact C3.

    The pistol has an Officers size frame with a Commander slide, and it no longer has the firing pin nut on the right side of the slide. According to Paul Erhard, Sigarms Marketing Manager, we should soon have one of this pistols for a review. Thanks Paul.

  • Para Ordnance

    Here are the two NRA Para Pistols for you:

    This is the P14-45 GR.

    While this is the single-stack pistol.

  • Les Baer

    The only new pistol from Les Baer for 2007 was the Bosse Combat, shown below:

    This pistol is offered together with a special knife, designed and produced to match the external appearance of the pistol.

  • High Standard

    I finally got my hands on the High Standard Commander.

    I have to talk with Alan Aronstein about those front cocking serrations!

  • Nighthawk Custom

    This is the new Dominator model from Nighthawk.

    And this is the Heinie Special, a pistol designed with the collaboration of Richard Heinie.

    This completes our report for the day, we'll be back to you with more M1911 news tomorrow night.

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    Special thanks

    The following companies have contributed greatly in making our presence in the 2007 SHOT Show a reality, so I thank them all.

    Nighthawk Custom
    1306 W. Trimble
    Berryville, Arkansas 72616

    Phone: 877.268.4867

    Web site:

    Para-Ordnance Manufacturing. Inc.
    980 Tapscott Road
    Toronto, ON
    Canada, M1X 1C3

    Phone: (416) 297-7855
    Fax: (416) 297-1289

    Web site:
    http://www.paraord.com Rock Island Armory
    150 N. Smartway
    Pahrump, Nevada 89060

    Phone: 775-537-1444
    Fax: 775-537-1446

    Web Site:
    http://www.advancedtactical.com Wilson Combat® & Scattergun Technologies™
    2234 CR 719
    Berryville, AR 72616

    Phone: 1-800-955-4856
    Fax: 1-870-545-3310

    Web site:

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