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SHOT Show 2007 Preview

by John Caradimas (John, )

The 2007 SHOT Show will be held in Orldando Florida, on January 11th - 14th at the Orange Country Convention Center. M1911.ORG is here to report for you directly from the Show floor, so that you have a first hand experience of the latest things happening in the M1911 world.

I visited the Convention Center this morning. Every body was busy setting up their booths, and press is not allowed in until the Show doors open, so I didn't had the chance to see much.

I did however got some news for you, so here we go.

  • Kimber new models

    Kimber is bringing out some new models for 2007 (you did expect that, didn't you?). The first is the Covert series of pistols. These will be available in 5", 4" and 3" barrel lenghts. They feature a lighteight aluminum frame (7075-T7 for those in metallurgy), carry dehorning treatment, three-dot night sights and 30 lpi checkering on the front strap. The frames are covered in Desert Tan KimPro II finish (self-lubricating), while the slides and all small parts are covered in matte black oxide. The pistols are supplied with Crimson Trace Laser Grips in a special digital cammo pattern. The two shorter models come with bushingless barrels, while the 5" model has a standard barrel bushing setup and -thank God- a standard guide rod. Thanks Kimber.

    The second addition to the Kimber line of 1911s consists of three new pistols in 9mm Para, the Aegis II line. Again, a full size, a 4" and a 3" ones will be offered, featuring an aluminum frame (same as the Covert one, but painted differently), and black slides. Checkering at the front of the frame is again 30 lpi and the pistols have spure-less hammers.

    A 4" version of the TLE II will also be offered, called Kimber Pro TLE II, with a 4" bull barrel, 30 lpi front strap checkering and night sights.

    Finally a special, limited edition M1911 will be offered this year, called the SuperAmerica. It's a 5" pistol finished in traditional blue (polished on the flats matte on the curved areas), fine English scroll engraving with golden borders, no front cocking serrations (but angled rear ones) and mammoth ivory grips (where do people find mammoth ivory???), stainless barrel with conventional bushing (but with a full-length guide rod). A Bomar rear sight is dovetailed in the rear of the slide, while a special knife is packed together with the pistol (featuring mammoth ivory grips also) in a wooden, velvet lined, presentation case. Both the pistol and the knife are numbered with matching serial numbers, starting with "KSA" (Kimber SuperAmerica).

    Hopefully, I'll have pictures for you tomorrow.

  • Taurus

    Taurus will present a new version of their 1911 pistol, with a light rail. Here are some pictures.

    From their Press Release:

    Available in several finishes and variations, including the original matte blue steel, and new for 2007: Matte blue steel with integral accessory rail; two-tone matte/high polished blue steel; stainless steel; stainless steel with rail and a new Ultra-Lite model with forged alloy frame.

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Special thanks

The following companies have contributed greatly in making our presence in the 2007 SHOT Show a reality, so I thank them all.

Nighthawk Custom
1306 W. Trimble
Berryville, Arkansas 72616

Phone: 877.268.4867

Web site:

Para-Ordnance Manufacturing. Inc.
980 Tapscott Road
Toronto, ON
Canada, M1X 1C3

Phone: (416) 297-7855
Fax: (416) 297-1289

Web site:
http://www.paraord.com Rock Island Armory
150 N. Smartway
Pahrump, Nevada 89060

Phone: 775-537-1444
Fax: 775-537-1446

Web Site:
http://www.advancedtactical.com Wilson Combat® & Scattergun Technologies™
2234 CR 719
Berryville, AR 72616

Phone: 1-800-955-4856
Fax: 1-870-545-3310

Web site:

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