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SHOT Show 2008 First Day Report

by Hunter Lee Elliott (Hunter, )

This year SHOT Show is hosted in the Las Vegas Convention Center, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our editor, Hunter Lee Elliot is there, and here are his first pictures of new and interesting 1911 models he just send in.

  • Colt models

    Colt had the following new models in their displays.

    Colt Delta Elite Limited.

    Colt New Agent, Double Action Only.

    Colt Model O1918

  • Kimber models

    Kimber Pro Carry II.

    Kimber Ultra RCP II.

    Kimber SIS Custom.

    Kimber SIS Ultra.

  • Auto Ordnance / Thompson

    Auto Ordnance 1911PKZSEW.

    Auto Ordnance 1911TC.

    Auto Ordnance 1911TC Commander.

  • Charles Daly

    Charles Daly M5 Ultra-X.

    Charles Daly M5 MS.

    Charles Daly M5 FS.

  • Para Ordnance

    Para Ordnance Super Hawg single column.

    Para Ordnance Big Hawg double column.

    Para Ordnance PDA.

  • USFA

    USFA 1911 in Super .38 and the ACE .22LR model.

  • Ed Brown

    Ed Brown Jeff Copper Commemorative and Special Forces with Light Rail.

  • Rock Island Armory (RIA)

    RIA Commander 9mm.

    RIA Longslide.

    RIA Custom.

  • STI

    STI Sentinel Premier.

    STI SteelMaster.

  • Wilson Combat

    Wilson Combat Hunter in .460 Rowland.

    Wilson Combat Hunter in .460 Rowland Compensated.

    Wilson Combat Sentinel Compact Round Butt.

  • Springfield Armory

    Springfield Armory EMP in .40 S&W.

    Springfield Armory Champion Lightweight.

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More news from the SHOT Show Floor tomorrow.

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