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The third quarter has passed and we are leaving behind us the third issue of 2008, with one review of a production pistol and two custom ones.

As we are moving along to the end of the year, we are prepating to present you some more interesting models. Our authors are already working on the Wilson Combat Hunter (in two calibers), a new Firestorm pistol, and a full custom one from Luke Volkmann. We'll present you those pistols in this issue, so that you are fully aware of what's new in the market, as you prepare your Christmas shopping list.

We are also going to bring you several reviews of other items that you, 1911 shooters will find of interest, like our two range bags review article, with which we start this issue.

I am sure that you are going to enjoy our last issue for 2008, as much as the previous ones.

Happy shooting everyone.

John Caradimas

Home - Volume 3 (2008) - Issue 4 (Fall '08) - John's thoughts