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Another quarter passed and the M1911.ORG E-zine continues to bring you all the latest news in the M1911 pistols world.

In our previous issue, we brought you reviews of three new 1911s, one of which was a once-off, hand-made pistol by Bill Laughridge of Cylinder & Slide. M1911.ORG is the only publication which was allowed to shoot this masterpiece, and we thank Bill for this.

We also brought you three holster reviews.

For the summer, we'll bring you reviews of the following pistols:

  • Wilson Combat 30-years Commemorative
  • Nighthawk Custom Lady Hawk
  • STI SteelMaster
  • Wilson Combat Hunter
  • Colt Combat Elite
  • and others.....

Several other interesting products are already in the hands of our reviewers, so come back here often, we'll have news for you.

I want to thank you all for your support of M1911.ORG.

Happy shooting everyone.

John Caradimas

Home - Volume 3 (2008) - Issue 3 (Summer '08) - John's thoughts