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What an amazing second quarter!

M1911.ORG team managed to bring you seven M1911 pistol reviews in three months. From these, six were of totally new M1911 pistols, never before tested by any publication. I have to personally thank all the companies which trusted us to review their new guns, but also I have to thank my team of reviewers, who are doing their best to bring you those reviews in the minimum possible time.

During 2nd Quarter 2007, M1911.ORG brought you also our new PocketSmith. A collaboration between Caspian and M1911.ORG gave 1911 shooters a tool that you can carry on your belt, and which can be used for stripping and reassemblying the M1911. It's also a general purpose multi-tool, and all this for a very affordable 35$.

As we move along to the summer, we will continue to bring you reviews of new M1911 pistols, as well as of other interesting items. First of all, you will read a review of the Colt Special Combat Government pistol, but this one is in a (relatively) unusual caliber, the well-respected Super .38. Soon after that, you will get to read a review of the new Kimber Pro Covert II, while the new Colt Concealled Carry pistol (or the New Agent as this pistol's official name will be) will follow soon afterwards. A RIA Super .38 pistol and two more Colt pistols are scheduled for the summer too, while the STI Escort is also expected. Of course, we anxiously wait to put our hands on the new Nighthawk Heinie pistol. It looks as if our reviewers will have a busy summer.

Remember folks, if you want to learn about the M1911, if you want to read what's the latest news on the M1911, there is only one place to go: M1911.ORG!

Thank you for your support and for visiting our sites.

John Caradimas

Home - Volume 2 (2007) - Issue 3 (Summer '07) - John's thoughts