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With the first quarter of 2007 behind us, we just closed our first issue of this year. And what an issue that was!

First of all, M1911.ORG visited the Orlando 2007 SHOT Show and reported back to you on a daily basis on all new M1911-related products we saw there. What was amazing was that all the companies I approached knew M1911.ORG. And almost all of them were eager to cooperate with us. The results of these meetings in Orlando, you have seen in our first issue of this year, in which we tried out for you four brand new M1911 pistols (RIA Match, STI Spartan, Para-Ordnance Rights Gun and Nighthawk Dominator). We also tested the Wilson Combat Carry Comp and I presented you my own Nighthawk Talon, a long-awaited dream.

You will continue to see the results of the meetings I had in Orlando during the following months. We are currently awaiting for the following pistols for reviewing: Colt Concealed Carry, STI Escort, Para Ordnance Carry GAP (similar to the 6.45, but in .45 GAP, CWX645G), Kimber Gold Match and the Nighthawk Heinie Pistol. More will be added to this list, bringing you all the new M1911 models in the market, as we move along.

So we can safely say that the first quarter of the year was a promising start for the rest of 2007.

Unfortunately, the first quarter of this year also brought a very sad event, the passing of Para-Ordnance President and Founder, and my good friend Ted Szabo. The shooting community became poorer with Ted's death. I am sure that up their Mr. Szabo and Mr. Browning are discussing how Ted improved on John Moses original design. Farewell my dear friend, you will be sorely missed.

We now bring you our second issue of 2007 and we hope that you will like it as much as the first one.

John Caradimas

Home - Volume 2 (2007) - Issue 2 (Spring '07) - John's thoughts