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First of all, let me wish to each and every one of you a very Happy and Prosperous 2007. May the new year bring you all your heart desires, personal happiness and professional recognition and success.

With 2006 behind us, I would like to take this opportunity, to thank each one of our visitors for their support. M1911.ORG has grown significantly in the past year. The industry recognized us, as an electronic publication, and the result is this site where you are now. The first, totally-M1911-oriented E-zine.

During the past year, we brought you nine pistol reviews, of which seven were of brand new models, never before seen in any other electronic or printed publication. This is largely due to our authors, who go out of their way to produce those reviews in the soonest possible time, so that you can read about the new M1911 models here.

We also brought you several more reviews of products which are of general shooter interest. These products ranged from grips and bags to software programs and one of the most controversial issues, M1911 magazines.

I want to personally thank all the companies who saw the good job we are doing here and trusted us with their products.

So what's going to happen in 2007?

Well, first of all, we are going to be present in 2007 SHOT Show, where we are accepted as members of the Press. So during the second week of January, you will be able to read here all the latest industry news about the M1911, straight from the largest firearms show on the earth. We'll try to bring you daily reports from the SHOT Show, so you can stay tuned with what's coming up.

From then on, we'll continue to bring you reviews of new products. We have already scheduled several more reviews, of brand new M1911 models for you, so keep coming back often. We also plan to add some regular columns, from significant people in the industry. We also plan to enhance our material here, with visual ... attractions. Video is one of our targets and we are working on it very intensively. Hopefully, you will see the results of our efforts within 2007. And of course, you will continue to find here, all the latest news about the M1911 world. Remember, a printed magazine can have 5-10 pages in an issue, dedicated to your favorite firearm. Here, everything is related to the M1911 and the M1911 shooter.

If you want to discuss our articles, or if you just want to talk with other M1911.ORG enthusiasts, don't forget, our Forums Site is always open for you. More than 15,000 M1911 lovers frequent that place. And of course, the first on-line encyclopedia on the M1911 pistol can be found in our Home Page.

So keep coming back, you will be rewarded with the latest news on the M1911 world.

Finally, let me thank all the M1911.ORG team for their efforts. This Organization wouldn't have been here, without their help. Thanks folks!

So to each and every visitor of this site, may you all have a very Happy New Year.

John Caradimas

Home - Volume 2 (2007) - Issue 1 (Winter '07) - John's thoughts