View Full Version : John's thoughts - Fourth quarter 2010

4th October 2010, 03:22
With the summer behind us, it is time again to recap what we have done so far and to lay down the plans for the future.

This year, M1911.ORG has brought you reviews of six new 1911 pistols (Nighthawk Custom Talon FLX, Chiappa .22LR, Colt Delta Elite, Iver Johnson Trojan and Volkmann Combat Custom). We also have visited and showed you the inside of three factories (Caspian, Wilson Combat and Nighthawk Custom). While it was a slow year compared to others, all is not lost. We have some surprises for you, for the last quarter.

For the first time in our E-zine history, we will review non-1911 firearms. As a start, we will present you some interesting rifles, the first review of the brand new Colt/Umarex .22 LR rifle is almost ready and will be published in this issue in a couple of days. More will follow.

We also have in our hands the new Dan Wesson Guardian, in 9mm Para, which will be reviewed within this quarter, as well as a brand new Wilson Combat X-Tac pistol. Hopefully, we'll have at least two more interesting, new 1911s to present to our readers, before the end of the year.

We are also planning to introduce some editorial columns, in which our staff will discuss issues pertaining to law enforcement use of the 1911, legal issues concerning firearms etc. It might be some time before you see these columns, but we hope to bring you such articles before the year is gone.

Do let us know, how you like the deviation from the 1911-only-content. Your opinion matters to us, so please let us know in our Forums Site.