View Full Version : John's thoughts -- 4th Quarter 2009

10th October 2009, 03:10
Another quarter passed and it was not a good one. While the purchasing rush that resulted from the election of President Obama, is still going strong (which is an unhealthy sign), we are also troubled by the lack of ammo, which is detrimental for our efforts to inform you about the new models in the market etc. Without ammo, we can't do any firearm reviews, hence the small number of reviews we published this quarter.

From our reviewers, only one has relatively good access to ammo. All the rest are struggling to get enough rounds to do a "first look" acquentance with new pistols, complete reviews being next to impossible.

So we have to apologize to our visitors for not bringing you as much news as we'd like, but we can't do much more with the ammo situation being what it is. We sincerely hope that this situation will soon improve and that we'll again be able to bring you reviews of new 1911 pistols.

What you can expect to see in this issue, is a review of a Bill Wilson Carry Pistol, from Wilson Combat. We may have some others, but for the time being, that's the only one we have in our hands, so that's the only one I can promise you. On the other hand, we'll try to bring you much more reviews of 1911-related items, and thank God there is an abundance of such things that will really catch your attention.

Stay tuned and enjoy shooting.