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Caspian M1911.ORG PocketSmith Multitool

Reviewed by Harwood Loomis ()

A few years ago, Caspian Arms introduced to the 1911 world the first version of their PocketSmith multitool, a sort of Leatherman derivative equipped with a variety of tools specifically designed for working on a 1911 pistol in the field. About a year later, Caspian completely redesigned the tool, making it slightly larger and at the same time adding considerable functionality. A special edition of the PocketSmith II, with the M1911.ORG logo inset into one of the handle grips, has been available on the M1911.ORG sites for more than a year.

Now, Caspian has tweaked the PocketSmith still more.

Three generations of the Caspian Pocketsmith, from left to right

M1911.ORG just received a sample of the new, improved edition. The second generation was named the PocketSmith II. The packaging and the nylon belt sheath for the new model just say 'PocketSmith,' so it's a bit unclear what it should really be called. Whereas the second generation was notably different from the first, the third generation is the same size and has all the same tools, with detail improvements. Perhaps we should call it the PocketSmith II-A1, in deference to its M1911 orientation. Caspian, however, in recognition that the marketplace calls it simply the PocketSmith, has reverted to that as the name for the new, improved, 3rd generation model.

Let's look at what's the same, and what's different:

Details, Details

As stated above, and as can be seen in the accompanying photographs, the new PocketSmith provides exactly the same tools as the 2nd generation. Where before all the blades were brush-finished stainless steel, in the new version all the metal components have a durable black finish.

Pocketsmith II on left, new PocketSmith III on right

On the 2nd generation, the blades had thumbnail recesses for lifting the blades, but they were difficult to reach and not very useful. For the new model, Caspian added assist tabs to the drivers to make it easer to access one tool at a time.

Pocketsmith II on left, new PocketSmith III on right

The aluminum panels of the 2nd generation model have been replaced by black G-10 panels. They feel much more comfortable and are slip resistant.

Pocketsmith II on left, new PocketSmith III on right

The knife blade on the 2nd generation model was sharpened for the entire length. The knife blade on the 3rd generation model is now semi-serrated, and instead of a thumbnail recess it now has a thumb stud for opening, and a liner lock to keep the blade open until you want it closed.

Pocketsmith II on left, new PocketSmith III on right

The packaging has also been scaled down to a simple craft box. What has not changed is the assortment of tools designed specifically for working on a 1911 pistol. The pliers jaws incorporate barrel bushing wrenches, one for the Government Model on one side and one for the Officers ACP on the opposite side.

Government Model barrel bushing wrench

Officers ACP barrel bushing wrench

As with both previous versions, the new Caspian PocketSmith comes with a ballistic nylon belt holster that has a flap with a Velcro closure. The outer box is now a simple, brown Kraft box reminiscent of a WW2-era cartridge box. The larger white packaging of the 2nd generation was undoubtedly better for display purposes, but the new box is more utilitarian, will take up considerably less space on a dealer's shelf, and in this reviewer's admittedly biased opinion simply looks more appropriate for a 1911 multitool.

Our thanks to Gary Smith of Caspian Arms for sending us an early sample for review. The changes are many but subtle, and each appears well-thought out and made for the specific purpose of enhancing the functionality of what was already an incredibly useful tool. Personally, I have been carrying a 1st generation PocketSmith in my range bag and keeping a 2nd generation model in my toolbox on the workbench. Perhaps it's now time to retire the 1st generation, move the 2nd generation to the range bag, and put the new, improved model into the toolbox.

To order yours, call Caspian today or click this link The MSRP is still $35.00.

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