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M1911.ORG Pocketsmith

Reviewed by John Caradimas (John, )

A tool for the M1911 aficionado

Like every M1911 shooter, I am always in the look-out for tools and other small items that can make my life at the range easier. I usually carry a huge range bag, which contains two pistols, several magazines plus whatever else I think I may need at the range. Screw drivers, hex keys, a cleaning kit, etc. etc.. The only thing missing from that bag, is a ... hammer, but I have a plastic wrench handle, which can serve that purpose, so I guess I pretty well covered, right?

Well, no matter what I carry in that bag, there are instances that I want a tool, and it takes me ages to find it (I told you, that bag is huge). So it was with great pleasure that some years ago, I received a little gizmo from Caspian Arms, which promised to reduce the clatter of all those tools in my range bag. That was the original Pocketsmith, and you can read a review of that tool in our Forums Site.

The old Pocketsmith was a nice tool, but it had certain drawbacks. We talked about them in length with Gary at Caspian back then and Gary promised me that there would be a new Pocketsmith in the future. Fast forward to June 2007, when M1911.ORG is very happy to introduce to you the ... Caspian/M1911.ORG Pocketsmith II. Caspian is so happy with our cooperation that they offered us to produce this tool with the M1911.ORG logo on it. So even though you can buy the Caspian version, if you want to help M1911.ORG I would suggest you select our model. Functionally they are absolutely identical, the only difference is the lettering on the box and on the tool. Oh yes, plus the fact that we get a small commission for every Pocketsmith II that you guys buy.

OK here is what your mail man will deliver at your door, when ordering the M1911.ORG Pocketsmith II.

You open the box and here is what you find inside. A typical multi-tool, like the Leathermans etc.

You also get a nice cordura sheath to carry your Pocketsmith in.

What makes this multi-tool different that any other such tool in the market, is that it has been designed with the M1911 shooter in mind. As you see, the plyers have been scalloped in such a way to include the always useful bushing wrench. And this bushing wrench is dual, one side of the plyers is for the standard Government/Commander bushings, while the other side is scalloped for the Officers ones.

So what else is there in this tool? Well, you get the always useful knife blade, three different sizes of flat screwdrivers, sorry no Philips screwdriver, but I've never seen a 1911 with a Philips screw anyway, so that's not a problem. A twin side file is also included. On the other side of the tool's handles, you can find one allen wrench for those of you who have a two-piece, full-length guide rod in your pistols, a punch to help you remove the main spring housing pin and also another allen wrench for grip screws, which can also act as a smaller punch for things like the sear and hammer pins. Finally, there is also a wire stripper/cutter at the base of the plyers.

None of these tools lock in position when open, but their mechanism is strong enough to keep them in place, without letting them snap close. Also the handles are made in such a way that even if a tool closes (say the knife's blade), it will not reach your fingers, a nice safety touch, which I found very welcome.

One issue I had with the old Pocketsmith was that the handles were nothing more than a piece of metal, which was folder to contain the tools. This however made using the plyers a little difficult, since the metal was digging in your fingers not allowing you to put any pressure on the plyers. This new model, not only addresses this issue in a fine way (the handles are now much thicker and don't act as a knife when you grab the tool), but it also comes with some fine aluminum scales, which cover the tool's grips and give it a very nice look.

What I didn't see in this tool (it wasn't there on the previous version as well) is the second allen wrench for some peculiar guide rods, which do not have the usual hex hole at their front end. However, even that has been addressed in this new model, because the intermediate screwdriver blade is the perfect size for these guide rods. Thumbs up Caspian!


Overall, the new Pocketsmith II is a huge improvement over the previous version. It provides the M1911 shooter with all the tools he could possibly need at the range, or even at home. It's a safe tool to use and very functional. So if you want to have all the tools required to disassemble and reassemble your M1911 pistol, in a convenient pouch on your belt, do consider our Pocketsmith. It will make your life easier, guaranteed!

Please do not forget, when you are calling Caspian to order one of these, make sure you ask for the M1911.ORG Model.

Retail Price for Pocketsmith II: 35$ US

To order yours, call Caspian today or click this link.

You may discuss about this product, ask questions or in general discuss about this review, in this thread in our Forums Site:



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