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Horseshoe Leather Covert #28S

A Holster Test by Steve Clark (Rio Vista Slim, )

Horseshoe Leather Products is a holster, belt, and accessories manufacturer I had never heard of until joining the Model 1911 Pistols Organization. My ignorance was not shared by those knowledgeable gun owners who have been buying Andy Arratoonian's products through the years. Mr. Arratoonian's designs and innovations have influenced a score of custom leather crafters, and some have even had the honesty to give credit to Andy and his works of leather art.

Shortly after joining the forum in Mid-March of 2005, I read Mr. Arratoonian's banner ad, and decided to purchase one of his Covert #28 holsters for a Kimber Ultra Carry I owned at the time. When I received the holster from England, I was so impressed I wrote a brief review for the "Product Reviews by Members" section of the M1911.ORG Forum. The holster fit the Ultra Carry perfectly. Unfortunately, the pistol didn't fit me nearly as well, and it was later traded away. I hung on to the Covert #28 holster in hopes I would find another suitable 3" barreled 1911, but later gave the holster to a forum member who had inquired about it.

Recently, I bought a Colt New Agent. This pistol has been flawless since day one, and I knew that it deserved the best holster I could buy. Once again I contacted Andy Arratoonian, but this time I requested the Covert #28S, which is the same holster, but without the additional body shield of my previous Covert #28.

This photograph shows the saddle tan colored Covert #28S holster from Horseshoe Leather Products with my Colt New Agent .45 Model of 1911. Mr. Andy Arratoonian uses only the finest English, vegetable-tanned leather for his holsters, belts, and accessories.

The Holster

The Horseshoe Leather Products Covert #28S holster is a wraparound design, based on the late Bruce Nelson "Professional" holster. This type of holster utilizes a single piece of leather for the holster body, folded over and sewn together. The leather is hand-boned to the particular gun, and the holster mouth is held open by another piece of leather sewn around the circumference of that opening. The holster is secured to the belt by a slot at the juncture of the two ends of the rig, as well as a tunnel loop sewn onto the back of the holster. This arrangement allows the holster to ride high and tight, making for a very secure and concealable way of carrying a handgun. While this type of holster is slightly hampered by three thicknesses of leather (holster back, belt, and tunnel loop), as opposed to the pancake-style, which has only two layers of leather, my small waist demands a rig that doesn't take up too much lateral room on my belt.

The "Horseshoe" and country of origin, stamped onto the back of the Horseshoe Leather Products Covert #28S holster.

This photograph reveals the rear of the Covert #28S.

Andy Arratoonian uses the finest synthetic thread to sew his holsters together. This photo shows a close-up of the intricate stitching used along the top of the Covert #28S.

Each holster in the Horseshoe Leather Products line is hand-boned by Mr. Arratoonian. The excellent fit of each holster to its specific pistol insures that each Horseshoe Leather holster will last for a long time.

This photograph shows the rear belt loop on my Covert #28S.

The Colt New Agent .45 Model of 1911 pistol, is snugly held in place by the outstanding hand-boned body of the Horseshoe Leather Products Covert #28S holster.


Everyone who depends on a handgun for personal protection has preferences in the type of handgun, and the method in which that weapon will be carried. After almost forty years of searching for the combination that works best for me, I have finally arrived at a solution.

I normally wear Wrangler Cowboy-Cut denim blue jeans. The size of the Horseshoe Leather Products Covert #28S holster allows it to be carried on my right side, fitting perfectly between the belt loop on the right point of my hip, and the belt loop located at approximately 5 o'clock on the back of the jeans. This placement prevents any movement of the holster, and places the butt of the pistol exactly in that "sweet spot" between my hip and my rib cage. This location allows for an effortless draw, and places the mouth of the holster where re-holstering is easy.

The hand-boning of the Covert #28S holds my Colt New Agent securely, but instantly accessible in the event the weapon must be drawn.

I join John Caradimas and scores of satisfied customers, in highly recommending Horseshoe Leather Products to anyone looking for the finest in quality, hand-made leather for their personal firearms. Check out the Horseshoe Leather Products banner ad in the Model 1911 Pistols Organization Forum web site, or click on the link at the end of this review. A complete list of products, prices, and useful information is available on the Horseshoe Leather site.

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